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4 Stroke 7 HP Outboard Motor 196CC Fishing Boat Engine Air Cooling 50cm Long Shaft 6000rpm

4 Stroke 7 HP Outboard Motor 196CC Fishing Boat Engine Air Cooling 50cm Long Shaft 6000rpm

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Gear: F-N-R Thrust: 600-1500kg . with a speed of around 11-13 kilometers per hour (depending on the environment . water area . and ship load . the speed may vary)

Our Machines are all without gear oil versions. Please add gear oil to the gears before using the motor and replace gear oil after the run-in period. (If you do not know how to handle this . please contact us). Our outboard motor doesn’t with oil of gear . please prepare it by yourself.

Suitable for: Freshwater and saltwater
One year warranty covers the motor . to provide parts free
Type: 4 stroke 7 horsepower
Capacity: 196CC
Transmission ratio: 2.08 (27:13)
The number of cylinders: 1
Maximum speed: 4500-5500
Maximum power: 7 HP
Shift position: clutch control
Package volume: 120x60x42.5 cm
Ignition system: TCI
Cooling system: air cooling
Starting method: hand start
Refueling: No. 93 gasoline
Propeller size: 3-7 1/2”x5”
Gear position:F-N-R
Control system: Tiller control
Recommended Lubricant4 stroke lubricant oil
Trim and tilt system:Mannual tilt
Standard fuel tank capacity:1.4L/within
long shaft: 50cm

Must read before using:
Four stroke 7 hp:
Firstly . Fill the gear oil (open gear box lid and fill it).
Secondly . Fill NO. 92 petrol . lightly press oil pump 6-10 times.
Thirdly . Fill engine oil don’t exceed the head of the pattern.
Fourthly . Pull the gear to netural gear . and plug the brake line in . hang the other side of the brake line on your wrist at the same time.
Then . turn the accelerator gets up to 50% and rapidly pull the starter line.
After the motor start . please turn the gear to minimum before put another gear.
Otherwise . the gearwheel will be broken if you put high gear.

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