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40lbs Heavy Duty Electric Outboard Trolling Motor Fishing Boat Engine 408W

40lbs Heavy Duty Electric Outboard Trolling Motor Fishing Boat Engine 408W

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Key Features

Great Durability: The trolling motor is made of pure copper . which has excellent electrical conductivity . thermal conductivity . ductility and corrosion resistance.

High Efficiency: The trolling motor with a pure copper motor can overcome huge water resistance to increase the speed of driving and improve its efficiency.

Non-deformable: The suspension bracket is made of high-strength aluminum alloy . which can ensure that the bracket is not deformed by repeated disassembly and installation.

Fin Streamline Design: When it collides with an object underwater . the design can protect the propeller that is running at high speed.

Easy to Drive: The main rod is made of aluminum. Its lightweight will not increase the entire weight of your boat and the difficulty of driving.

Adjustable Depth and Angle: Its depth and angle can be freely adjusted according to the actual situation and your special needs.

Adjustable Gears: The fixed tiller has 5 forward and 3 reverse speeds. You can smoothly switch the speed and change the direction during driving.

Real-time Monitoring of Power: The top of the thruster has a real-time display of the battery power . allowing you to check the power situation any time and prepare for charging in advance to avoid running out of power in the middle of the voyage.

Propeller Design: The propeller is designed with a multi-dimensional optimization iterative method to improve propulsion efficiency and reduce propeller losses.




Model: L40

Speed Control: F5-R2

Motor Type: Brush Motor

Rated Voltage(V): 12

Rated Speed(R/min): 1700

Rated Current(A): 34

Rated Power(W): 408

Control Handle: Retractable

Maximum Speed(km/h): 6

Noise: 50db

Battery Model: 12V 100A Batteries

Net Weight: 7.8kg/17.2lbs

Gross Weight: 9.3kg /20.5lbs

Propeller Model: 3 Leaves . 7.6*22.9cm/3*9in

Rod Length: 76cm/30inch

Package Size: 102*41*16cm (40.16*16.14*6.30inch)


Package Included

1*Trolling Motor

1*Power Propeller

1* Circuit Breaker Protector

1*Battery Clamp

1 Set of Screws

1*English Manual



  • Please read the attached manual completely before use. And pay particular attention to the safety instructions included. 
  • Don’t start the motor on the bank. If you want to test the motor . it should be done in the river.
  • Don’t use the motor when no water comes out of it . and then check whether the pump impeller or the water outlet is blocked.
  • Do not switch gears too quickly. You should switch from one gear to another.
  • Be sure the switch is in the OFF position before the connection to the battery.
  • Always disconnect power when replacing the propeller . removing debris around the propeller . charging batteries . transporting a boat . or when the motor is not in use.



Cylinder Scoring is a serious damage .which caused by improper use and will cost you a lot of money to repair the motor.
Don’t do the following will avoid cylinder Scoring:
1 .start the motor on bank
2 . use the motor when it stop coming out of water

Even if you want test the motor . it should be done in the river!

When there is no water coming out from the motor .please stop using it immediately .then check the impeller of Water pump or check if the water outlet has been blocked.

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