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Confer Plastics Leisure Accent Outdoor Spa Storage Steps, Espresso

Confer Plastics Leisure Accent Outdoor Spa Storage Steps, Espresso

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Discover the perfect blend of style and functionality with the Confer Plastics Outdoor Spa Storage Steps. These steps are a seamless combination of beauty and durability from the Leisure Accent line . providing not only a practical entry into your spa but also a convenient storage solution.Available in a selection of 6 rich colors . Gray . Redwood . Portobello . Espresso . Black . and Deep Gray . these steps effortlessly complement the aesthetics of virtually any spa skirt. The Espresso option . in particular . adds a touch of sophistication to your outdoor oasis. What sets these steps apart is their removable storage compartment . which makes cleaning a breeze. Measuring 30.75 inches in length . 8.25 inches in width . and 12.5 inches in height . the spacious storage area offers ample room for towels . chemicals . or any other spa essentials . keeping them close at hand for your convenience. In terms of sturdiness . these steps are designed to impress. With a substantial weight limit of 300 pounds . they provide a safe and secure means of access to your spa for individuals of various sizes. The steps’ robust construction ensures they will withstand the test of time and the elements. The overall dimensions of these spa storage steps are 36 inches wide . 24 inches long . and 24 inches tall . and they weigh in at a manageable 26.9 pounds. This means you can easily reposition them as needed and enjoy the flexibility they bring to your spa setup.Upgrade your outdoor spa experience with the Confer Plastics Leisure Accent Outdoor Spa Storage Steps. Combining aesthetics . practicality . and durability . these steps offer a perfect solution for both spa entry and storage needs.

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