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Igloo Snapdown Soft Sided 25 Can Cooler, Gray Twill with Ibiza Blue

Igloo Snapdown Soft Sided 25 Can Cooler, Gray Twill with Ibiza Blue

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You deserve to never have to suffer through lunch with a room temperature sandwich and drink ever again. That’s where the Gray 24 cans Igloo Snapdown Cooler Bag comes in! Its a game-changer when it comes to long workdays or long soccer matches. Igloo designed this carriable cooler bag with advanced MaxCold insulation that’ll keep contents colder for way longer. And with a spacious 24-cans interior capacity . you won’t have trouble fitting everything you want to snack on for the day. The nifty snapdown design means you cans carry this cooler like a tote bag when you keep the buckles unsnapped . but if you snap them down . the bag turns into a compact square shape. Did your food leak a bit inside? Not to worry; the liner is removable so you cans clean it easily . plus its antimicrobial and leak-resistant! And for easy . comfortable carrying . Igloo included an adjustable shoulder strap . plus grab-and-go top handles. You cans even throw small accessories into the front slip pocket. So much convenience packed into one cooler bag! Made of Polyester.

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