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Joovy Tricycoo 4-in-1 Baby Tricycle for Kids, Black

Joovy Tricycoo 4-in-1 Baby Tricycle for Kids, Black

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From First Words to First Wheels – Joovy’s Tricycoo in black is a 4-in-1 push tricycle for babies and kids that grows as they do. Use it before they’re ready for pedals or to steer on their own and build your child’s confidence until they’re ready to use it in tricycle mode. Ideal for babies as young as 10 months . the Tricycoo 4.1 4-in-1 trike transforms through 4 stages as your child grows. Stage 1- 10 months+ Push Trike Stage -Perfect for babies . Stage 1 gives the parent full control. Use the adjustable handlebar to push baby along for the ride and keep them cool and shady with the Tricycoo’s sun canopy. Baby sits in a padded seat with head support . surround arms . and a 5-point harness for their comfort and safety. Stage 2 – 18 months+ Push Trike Stage- Once your child has a little more balance stability sitting up . it’s time to remove the seat pads and flip down the footrest. You’re still in control . but now they’re learning how to sit up on their own on the Tricycoo. You can set the pedals to freewheel which prevents the pedals from spinning and avoids hitting little legs and feet. Stage 3 – 24 months+ Training Trike Stage- It’s time to unlock the pedals and remove the armrests and canopy to let your child try out riding on their own. Keep the parent handle on in case they still have a hard time multitasking with the pedals and the handlebars. Large pedals make it easier for the child to place their feet on and learn to pedal. Stage 4 – 30 months+ Trike Stage- Adjust the seat . remove the parent handle . and make sure they’re wearing their Noodle Helmet. Your child is officially riding a tricycle. The 3-position adjustable seat accommodates growing legs.

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