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MotoTec Electric Trike 48v 1200w

MotoTec Electric Trike 48v 1200w

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The New MotoTec 48v 1200w Electric Powered Trike is a torque monster ready to conquer any terrain! This is a three wheel electric scooter that you can ride while sitting or standing . this makes it very convenient for use at events . security and warehouse floor operations or for just plain fun! It’s like a three wheel Segway but at a fraction of the price! Powered by a 1200 watt servo motor with speeds up to 18 miles per hour. It can achieve a 20+ mile range on a full charge. It features a 24″ pneumatic front tire . two 5″ pneumatic rear tires and a removable seat. This personal transporter is easy-to-operate with a twist throttle and front/rear hydraulic brake system. Comes standard with key . battery meter lights . reverse and carrying rack. Specs: Motor power: 1200 Watt Servo Motor Transmission: Gearbox (no chains or belts) Battery: Eight 12v 12ah Batteries (48v total) Max Weight Capacity: 1000 Lbs. Recommened Age: 13 and up Charger Included Brakes: Front/Rear Hydraulic Battery life: Over 300 charges Rated Speed: 18+ MPH (weight dependant) Range per charge: 20+ Miles (weight dependant) Recharge time: 4-8hrs Seat: Wide Saddle Front Wheel Diameter: 24 inch air filled tires Rear Tires Diameter: 5 inch air filled tires Seat Height: 37 inches Shipping Weight: 255 lbs Shipping Carton Size: 38x37x28 inches Scooter Weight: 216 Lbs Scooter Dimensions: Ground Clearance: 6 inches Warranty: 30 days parts replacement

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