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Schwinn Fierce Kids Bicycle, 20 in. Wheels, Boys, Ages 6 +, Blue

Schwinn Fierce Kids Bicycle, 20 in. Wheels, Boys, Ages 6 +, Blue

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Schwinn Fierce Kids Bicycle . 20 in. Wheels . Boys . Ages 6 + . Blue

Getting your child the proper fit on a bike can seem tough . but having the right fit is the key that unlocks years of fun . healthy riding. Introducing the 20″ Boy’s Schwinn Fierce . a kid-friendly sidewalk bike with Schwinn SmartStart geometry . which means the bike has been carefully designed to match a kid’s body type to make riding more comfortable and pedaling easier on tiny legs. Other kids bikes are just shrunken down versions of adult bikes . so typically the grips are too large . the pedals are too wide and the seats are too big. On SmartStart bikes . the grips are smaller to match smaller hands . the gears are recalibrated for more power with less pedaling effort . and the pedals are closer together to fit a child’s hips. Pedaling is more streamlined for better leverage . less knee pressure and less waddling on young legs. Like all Schwinns . the Shine comes with a limited lifetime warranty for as long as you own the bike. Start your kid out riding the Smart way on the Schwinn Fierce!

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