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Swurfer The Original Stand up Surfing Swing, Wooden Outdoor Swing for Kids and Adults

Swurfer The Original Stand up Surfing Swing, Wooden Outdoor Swing for Kids and Adults

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Swurfer The Original Stand up Surfing Swing . Wooden Outdoor Swing for Kids and Adults. Surf the air with the original Swurfer! This outdoor stand up swing for kids and adults is reinventing the backyard hanging swing. For use both as a treeswing or as an add on to a swing set its unique curved shape allows kids and adults up to 200 lbs to soar through the air providing more power moves and fun with each swing! Each swing board is individually shaped sanded and finished by hand to ensure optimum quality and safety. The handles on this tree swing adjust for any height while the versatile Swurfer is great for both those looking foreithera calm gliding swing or an exciting ride! The Swurfer sets up in minutes and comes with an easy to follow instillation guide and all necessary components. The adjustable handles work for users of any height.The Swurfer is a carefree way to build your core and perfect your balance while swinging your cares away. Swurf Grips not included. Trees are essential to many things in nature clean air clean water and a clean climate. A healthy environment sustains the source of the wood for our Swurfer swings nurtures the trees that our swings hang from and supplies the shade that people enjoy on a hot summer day. Swurfer is dedicated to encouraging families and children to enjoy the gift of nature and fostering sustainability of our natural resource is not only the smart thing to do but the right one. With this ideal in mind Swurfer wood products are constructed using wood certified by the Forest Stewardship Council FSC a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting responsible forestry. We have furthered our dedication in sustaining this precious resource by joining the Arbor Day Foundation last year to publicly launch the Time for Trees initiative. This ambitious project aims to plant 100 million trees and inspire 5 million tree planters by 2022 the 150th anniversary of the founding of Arbor Day. We are proud that Swurfer is playing a role in this important large scale effort. Swurfer believes that every day is Earth Day and we stand by our commitment to helping develop a sustainable future in both practice and action

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