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Teeter FitSpine LX9 Inversion Table

Teeter FitSpine LX9 Inversion Table

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Discover how amazing your back can feel with the premium Teeter FitSpine LX9 Inversion Table . designed to give you more comfort and real results on your journey to back pain relief. The smooth FlexTech Bed encourages your spine to decompress better than any other inversion table surface . while the patented 8-point floating suspension system flexes as you move for a deeper stretch. Ideal for back pain sufferers . the Deluxe EZ-Reach Ankle System features an extra-long handle and micro-adjustments to ensure the most comfortable fit. The LX9 offers a unique arched base with boarding platform that makes mounting and dismounting even easier! Stretch Max Handles and EZ-Stretch Traction Handles provide added support and stretching options to you while inverted. Included Lumbar Bridge and Acupressure Nodes add targeted traction and pressure-point relief for boosted benefits. Precision-balanced and easy to store . the Teeter FitSpine LX9 offers a comfortable . effective way to find back pain relief in your own home. Feel better . move better . live better… with Teeter.

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