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UberScoot 1600W 48V Stand Up Electric Scooter with Seat

UberScoot 1600W 48V Stand Up Electric Scooter with Seat

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Cutting through the clutter of cheap scooters . comes the superior range of UberScoot Powerboards . formerly Evo Powerboards from Puzey Design. Through state-of-the-art design and manufacturing techniques . the new generation of Powerboards have taken a technological leap and are loaded with innovative features that make all other brands of scooters seem obsolete. The UberScoot 1600W is the most powerful electric scooter we carry. Featuring an economy mode button to slow down acceleration and top speed to conserve battery life for those long rides. Powered by 48 volts and a 1600-watt motor . there won’t be a hill you can’t conquer! Comes standard with a quick release seat . foldable locking frame . front and rear lights . large 12-inch knobby onroad/offroad tires and key ignition . this scooter does not disappoint!

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