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Worx WX876L 20V 5Ah Power Share Electric & Battery Powered Cooler (Battery and Charger Included)

Worx WX876L 20V 5Ah Power Share Electric & Battery Powered Cooler (Battery and Charger Included)

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Keep food and beverages crisp without the need for ice using the Worx 40V Electric & Battery Powered Cooler. This convenient solution for portable refrigeration quickly cools to 32??F in just 15 minutes . saving you from the hassle of having to haul ice??and the sogginess it causes once it melts. For greater customization . use the vibrant LED digital display to set specific temperatures between -4??F and 68??F. At lower temps . it can act as a freezer to keep frozen goods fresh. With 24 quarts of storage space . this cooler is big enough to carry up to 35 (12 oz.) cans or stock up with all your favorite picnic provisions. Equipped with a heavy-duty pull handle and roll wheels . this lightweight 30-lb. cooler is designed for easy transport so you can pack it up for the beach . picnics . tailgate . road trips . job sites . or wherever you want to travel. You can also enjoy it at night . as the interior LED light brightens up contents . so you never have to dig around in the dark. For more on-the-go convenience . use the cooler’s built-in cup holders . bottle opener . and USB charging port for phones and small electronics. When you have two fully charged 2.0Ah 20V Power Share batteries . the cooler can work for an average of 10 hours depending on the set temperature. However . you can get more mileage out of your batteries by using the included AC charger to chill the cooler when you have access to an outlet. When plugged in . it will also recharge the batteries you have connected to the cooler.

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