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Wuzstar 7.5HP 4-Stroke Outboard Motor Boat Marine Engine Air Cooling System for Aquaculture Fishing Outdoor Adventure

Wuzstar 7.5HP 4-Stroke Outboard Motor Boat Marine Engine Air Cooling System for Aquaculture Fishing Outdoor Adventure

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This is a stable and powerful four-stroke outboard engine. This outboard engine features a high-precision intake and exhaust system that significantly improves the fuel transfer rate. Its large 1.8-liter fuel tank enables it to operate for more than an hour. Such an energy-saving . stable and efficient outboard engine is a good assistant for your water operation

The outboard engine is suitable for all kinds of small boats of 2.7~8 meters . such as rubber boats . wooden boats . fishing boats . etc. It can be widely used in water sports . water tourism . fishery production . and other fields


Material: Aluminum . Steel Pipe . Plastic

Speed: 8-15 km/h

Fuel Tank Capacity: 1.8L/0.47gal

Displacement: 196cc

Rotational Speed: 3600r/min

Motor: Four-stroke

Power: 7.5hp

Product Size: 118*38cm/46.45*14.96in

Handle Length: 84cm/33.07in

Operating Rod Length: 80cm/31.51in

Package Size: 128*54*40.5cm/50.39*21.25*15.94in

Applicable Boat Length: 2.7-8m/8.85-26.24ft

Net Weight: 33kg/72.75lbs

Gross Weight: 34kg/74.95lbs

How to Use:

1. Add enough gasoline and the right amount of engine oil. The amount of oil is based on the scale mark.

2. Turn on the flameout switch and snap the black buckle of the emergency flameout cable on.

3. Close the damper (the damper is closed before cold air starts . and the damper is open before the hot engine starts)

4. Throttle handle adds a little throttle.

5. Pull the starter puller or start the electric starter switch to turn on the engine.

6. Open the damper to the maximum . start the rear damper and keep it open the whole time. (number 1 is off . number 4 is on)

Package Included:

1 * Outboard Engine

1 * Funnel

All Accessories for Installation


1. The driving speed is about 8~15km/h . and the driving distance is different depending on the type of boat and the current condition of the load

2. The four-stroke fuel is 92# . and the engine oil is added to the internal tank separately

3. The outboard engine was factory tested for one hour before leaving the factory. It is normal to have a bit of wear and tear

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